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Without Wolves, there would be no dogs.





Shawnee and her siblings came to Full Moon Farm the first time in September 2005, and the second time in the fall of 2006. Bred at a roadside zoo in Indiana, and abandoned at a vet's in Ohio, North Coast Wolfdog Rescue brought them to the farm at roughly four and a half months old. Shawnee and another brother were placed with a facility up north, and when they could not be socialized, they were returned to the Farm, and they were adopted once again by an experienced owner in Eastern North Carolina. In one of the hurricanes, a tree took out part of the fence, and all four of the animals escaped. Two of the others returned on their own. Shawnee had to be captured after her brother was shot and killed by a neighbor. Shawnee was returned to the Farm to live out her days as a sanctuary animal. Shawnee's birthday is April 23, 2006.

Hi, I'm Shawnee. I run, and I pace, and I am fearful of strangers or anything different, but when things are quiet, I love to dig holes! Lots of holes! Please click the sponsor button and help Full Moon Farm! You will love your picture of me!