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Without Wolves, there would be no dogs.






Marion came to Full Moon Farm in 2006 from Marion (hence the real name of Maid Marion!), in McDowell County, NC. An abandoned pet, Marion roamed an area known as Pleasant Gardens and startled residents who thought she was a wolf. She had a brief period of fame when a videotape of her was put on the local news. Blamed for the death of chickens and a neighborhood dog, Marion was captured and placed into a shelter. When it became clear that she was a wolfdog, Full Moon Farm was contacted. At the time of her rescue, Marion was in need of medical attention. In addition to several problems normal to stray animals, she had injured an eye that had to be removed. After coming to the Farm, we made the decision to pair her with Mani, and the two have been among the most devoted couples here. Marion has been known to try to pull the pen apart if Mani is taken out for any reason. She learned to leash walk with very little training. If Mani did it, she wanted to do it, too! Marion's birthday is March 15, 2004.

Hi, I’m Marion! I love Mani and Full Moon Farm. My mom saw the intelligence in me, and has worked with me to be a great ambassador for wolfdogs. Please sponsor me, and you will get a wonderful picture of me. I am on the tour, and while I am shy of strangers, I will make an appearance at the Howl In so you can see my beauty.