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Without Wolves, there would be no dogs.






Mani came to Full Moon Farm in July of 2002, through another rescue that is now out of business. Mani used to live in a condo in DC. He did just fine there, until the wife had to get a job. Left home alone, he was lonely and bored and did $10,000 worth of damage to the condo. That's how he ended up going into rescue. He is trained, and can leash walk. He was used in the movie "Mandie and the Secret Tunnel." He was supposed to jump up on the bad guy, but he knows he's not supposed to jump on people, so they ended up smearing the actor's face with hot dogs and then had him lay on the ground so Mani could lick the hot dog off his face. He adores Marion, his pen partner. His birthday is March 30, 2000.

Hello, my name is Mani, and I am a well-bred gentleman. I do not use slang, and am the most proper of all Full Moon Farm residents. If mom would let me wear a tux, I would! I am the most photographed animal here, so the photo you get of me will be suitable for framing. Please sponsor me, and see me on the Howl In tour!