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Without Wolves, there would be no dogs.




Isabelle came to Full Moon Farm in the spring of 2012. She was listed in the Greenville, SC Craigslist to be given away as a breeding animal – supposedly a 98% wolf! A volunteer saw the advertisement and went to see her. The environment was littered with trash, and she was suffering from obvious neglect. The owner said he was giving her to the first person who wanted her, so the volunteer loaded her up and brought her to the Farm. Seen by the veterinarian, her blue eye is not truly blue, but damaged and dying. As long as it stays healthy and does not deflate, she can keep the eye. She is 98% dog, and is timid and shy. She loves a few volunteers that she has come to know, and we hope she can be paired with Buddy in the future. We estimate Isabelle’s birthday to be July 15, 2006.

Hi, I’m Isabelle! I love my new name and my new life at Full Moon Farm and am glad that I will never have another puppy. If you sponsor me, you will see how luxurious my coat has become with good food and medicines. Wouldn’t you love to help me and others with your sponsorship donation?